The best snowbird rentals are in South Florida. Florida is one of the most popular winter destinations for snowbirds. Its warm sun and dry season make it the perfect location for northerners to get away from the cold, wintery weather. Snowbird season starts in October and lasts until April, give or take a couple of months for personal preference.  

Where is the warmest place in Florida in the winter? 

South Florida or the Miami area is the warmest place during the winter. From December to March, the average temperature is below 78 degrees. The coldest month is January with an average high of 76 degrees.  

These winter months in Florida offer mostly clear sides and a low chance of precipitation. The dryer season lasts a little over 7 months from October to May. With the high temperatures and low chance of precipitation, Florida is the perfect location for any snowbird.  

How to snowbird in Florida? 

Take your snowbird adventure to another level when you book your long-term stay in one of our South Florida vacation rentals. Our snowbird rentals have top-notch amenities and an amazing concierge to help make your stay with us the best it can be.  

Our homes and condos offer amazing luxury amenities. Our vacation homes are designed with a contemporary and modern feel. They also come stocked with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and air conditioning. All these amenities not only give you peace of living in a new location but also make you feel at home.  

Our Vacation Concierge team is also here to make your stay with us as easygoing as possible. If you ever need groceries and can’t make it to the store, let us know and we can stock your kitchen with all the food and drinks you need no matter how far into your stay with us is. We can also arrange for your vacation rental to be cleaned in the middle of your stay.  

Snowbird Vacation Rentals 

We still have some vacation rentals available for you to snowbird in the new year. From a beautiful, modern waterfront condo in Hallandale Beach, Florida to a beach house in Fort Lauderdale, all are available to become your snowbird rental in Florida. Book your long-term or monthly stay for Snowbird season today!